When you're buying a vehicle in the St. Martinville area, you might have an old model that you're ready to sell. At Musson Patout Automotive Group, we have a trade-in program that can make your life that much easier while cutting down on how much you have to pay on your loan. We offer fair prices for the vehicles that we buy from drivers around Abbeville, and selling to us can be so much easier than selling on your own around Broussard. Take a look at how and why you should trade in your old vehicle to our New Iberia dealership.

Why You'll Like Trading in Your Vehicle to Us

There are a lot of advantages to trading in your vehicle to us rather than selling on your own in the Loreauville area. When you trade your vehicle in to our dealership, you don't have to spend nearly as much time and effort. When you sell on your own, you have to make the listings, schedule times for people to look at your vehicle and pay for gas and insurance throughout this period. Plus, you might even have people who don't show up when you make plans to show them your vehicle. Lafayette drivers don't have to worry about those obstacles with us.

Use Our Online Tool or Talk to Us in Person

If you're ready to get a great deal for your old vehicle, you can find out about how much your vehicle is worth by using our online valuation tool. Just put in the information about your vehicle to get an estimate. Later, you can bring your vehicle to Musson Patout Automotive Group get an exact number and learn more about how you can complete the trade-in process. Then, you can choose your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram model from our lot in New Iberia and use the money toward the down payment on your vehicle.